Solved: Epson XP-340 won't Print Issue

Solution for XP-340 won't Print Issue

Printer Connection

  • Epson XP-340 won't print solutions are following. Check if the Epson XP 340 printer is turned on.
  • If the printer is not turned on, press the ON button on the printer’s control panel.
  • Ensure that the power connection is secure between the Epson XP 340 printer and an electrical socket.
  • Also, check if the interface cable connected between the printer and your computer is secure at both ends.
  • Note: Do not use a USB hub to establish a connection.
  • Check if you can print using the printer’s control panel by printing a test page.
  • If the printer prints, perform the solutions given below.

Printer Software

  • Remove the Epson XP 340 printer software from your computer.
  • Download the printer software from the official Epson website and install it on the computer as per the on-screen instructions.
  • The Epson XP 340 printer cannot print if you are printing a large size file.
  • So, try to print the large size file at a lower resolution.
Epson XP-340 won't Print
XP-340 Software Guide

Stalled Print Jobs on Windows

  • Ensure that you have removed all the stalled print jobs from Windows Spooler by following the instructions mentioned below.
  • On your computer, open the Epson XP-340 printer settings window, click the Maintenance tab, and navigate to the Print Queue section.
  • Select the Stalled Print Jobs option, choose all the stalled print jobs and delete them from Print Queue.
  • Also, check if Epson XP 340 has been set as the default printer.
  • If the printer is not set as default, select the Set as Default Printer option.
  • Make sure to enable the Use printer online feature.

Stalled print jobs on Mac

  • The steps to clear the stalled print jobs on a Mac computer are mentioned here.
  • Go to a Mac computer, find the System Preferences option from the Apple menu and select it.
  • Select the Print & Scan or the Printers & Scanners option and double-click the Epson XP 340 printer icon.
  • Check for the stalled print jobs and remove them from Print Queue.
  • Click the Call button to resolve the Epson XP-340 won't print problems. Our technical support members will assist you in resolving this issue through remote assistance.