Guide: Epson XP-340 Scan to Email

Epson Home XP-340 Scan to Email Guidance

Using the Control Panel Buttons:

  • Epson XP-340 Scan to Email Guidance. First, turn on the printer and ensure that the hardware connections and product's software installation are completed before performing the scanning.
  • Remember that the computer must be restarted after installing the product software, and the printer should beconnected over the network or a standard USB cable to a computer.
  • Avoid the blocking issues from the firewall or security software installed on your computerby disabling the concerned software.
  • Load the original document in the Epson XP 340 scanner unit.
  • The printer will select the default scan settings automatically. If you wish to change the scan settings, refer to the user guide or manual that comes along with the printer.
  • On the printer's control panel, press the Home button and choose the Scan
Epson XP-340 Scanner Guide
Steps for Epson XP-340 Scan to Email
  • The quick steps for Epson XP-340 scan to email are following. Press the OK button and choose the Scan to Computer(Email) option using the navigation keys.
  • It is inapplicable for web-based email programs like Gmail.
  • If you have connected the printer and the computer with a USB cable, select the USB connection option from the LCD panel.
  • Else select the computer name from the displayed list if it is connected over the network wirelessly.
  • Tap the Start button to begin scanning the original.

Using the Epson Photo Scan:

  • Power on the printer after connecting the power cord to an electrical outlet.
  • Ensure that you have installed the Epson Photo Scan software on your computer and connected the printer to the computer.
  • Load the original onto the scanner glass and launch the computer panel to open the Epson Photo Scan
  • Click the Windows icon and select All apps .
  • Choose the Epson Software to click the Epson Photo Scan
  • Now, the scanning program will launch with the new window once you select the Scan icon followed by the Scan
  • The scanned document will appear on the Epson Photo Scan window with a file name generated automatically.
  • If you wish to change the file name, click on the image thumbnail that is available on the bottom of the window and type your desired file name.
  • For editing the scanned document, click the Edit
  • After scanning the document, select the Email icon as the destination.
  • Now, the Folder pop-up window will appear on the screen.
  • Choose the file format from the drop-down list and click Browse to save the scanned copy in the drive location.
  • Launch your email program on the computer and choose the scanned file that is saved on the drive location for sending it to the recipient's email address.
  • The Epson XP-340 Scan to Email process complete successfully.
Epson XP-340 Scan to Email