Methods: Epson XP-340 Scan to Computer

Steps for Epson Home XP-340 Scan to Computer

Epson XP-340 scan to computer can be done by handling the product’s control panel. The Epson XP-340 automatically sets itself to its default scan settings, but certain alterations can be made if necessary.

Simple Steps to do Scan on Epson XP 340

  • After restarting the Computer post installing the product software and make sure the scanning from the control panel is enabled.
  • Main steps are to make sure there is no firewall or any other software security blocking the Event Manager program.
  • On the product control panel, select the Home icon and select Scan and press
  • It displays a set of further scan options.
  • The To Computer scan option has four formats in which a file can be saved, they are
  • To Computer (jpeg) - Saving the image file to your computer.
  • To Computer (Pdf) - Saving the scanned document to your computer.
  • To Computer (Email) - It scans the documents and attaches itself with a message in any email program. It can later be re-sized from the options given in the computer after selecting an email program. It doesn’t work on web-based services like Gmail but works on MAPI type email like the Outlook, Windows Live Mail, or Mac Mail.
  • To Computer (WSD) - It manages the network scanning on Windows versions like Windows 10,8,7 or Vista. The simple steps for Epson XP-340 scan to computer provided above.
  • Epson XP-340 Scan to Computer

    METHOD 1:

    • If the Epson XP-340 is connected directly to your computer through a USB cable or over a network, the scanner is ready to scan once you press the Scan option

    METHOD 2:

    One more method of Epson XP-340 scan to computer is by using the computer's control panel and accessing the Printers and Drivers and selecting your printer.

    • It displays a list of six options, select Scanner management.
    • Select the Utility option.
    • It displays a set of options like document type, the resolution, the image format, file name, and the saving location of your document.
    • You can see an option called Preview to show you a demo on how the scanned copy would look like on your computer and then click