Epson XP-340 Install

Install Epson XP-340 Printer Guide

Unboxing your Epson XP-340:

    Avoid opening the ink cartridge packages until you get ready for Epson XP-340 install ink cartridge. It will be packed with a vacuum. From your Epson printer, remove all the protective materials. Raise the scanner unit and then take out the protective materials from the inside of the printer. Please avoid touching the flat white cable. Now, lower your scanner unit.

Turning on your Epson XP-340

  • Take the power cable and connect one of its ends to the back of your printer.
  • Connect the other end to the wall socket. Ensure you do not connect your computer at this stage.
  • Raise the printer's control panel. Now, turn on the printer.
  • Then, press the Down or Up navigation keys to choose the language you want. Next, press OK.
Epson XP-340 Install
Loading paper

Loading paper into your printer:

  • Once the ink charging is done, flick forward the feeder guard and then raise the paper support.
  • Next, tilt the paper support backward.
  • Slide the edge guide to your left.
  • Gently drag out the output tray.
  • Now, load paper against the rear paper feed slot's right side.
  • Drag the edge guide slowly against the loaded paper; flick your feeder guard back in its place.
  • See if you are satisfied with the available paper settings on your printer's control panel. If not, modify the settings using the navigation keys.
  • Set your paper size and paper type. Once done, confirm all your settings.

Epson XP-340 Install - User Manual

Navigate to the official site of your Epson XP 340 printer. Below the picture of your printer, you will find six tabs. Click the Manuals and Warranty. You will find the following guides or manuals Start Here-Installation Guide Start Here-(Spanish) User's Guide Quick Guide and Warranty Safety Data Sheets

To  view any or all of the above manuals, click the PDF button provided next to each of them.

User Manuals
Epson XP-340 Installation

Epson XP-340 Install Driver

To install the driver on your Epson XP 340, make use of the steps given here:

  • Ensure your Epson printer is not connected to your computer.
  • If you are using Windows, the Found New Hardwarescreen might be displayed. In this case, click Cancel and then disconnect your USB cord.
  • Insert your printer's CD into the CD/DVD drive of your computer. Else, download your Epson printer's driver from the official site and run (execute) it on your computer.
  • Epson XP-340 install, latest version of the driver, go to the Epson support site and search for your Epson XP 340 printer.
  • In order to run the setup program, use the on-screen instructions and execute them.
  • You will come to the part where the Select Your Connectionscreen displays on your computer. Now, you will see two options:

Wireless connection

The software installer will try to set up a wireless connection in most of the scenarios. But, if your setup does not happen, you will be asked to type the SSID (network name) and the password.

Direct USB connection

For achieving a USB connection, you just have to ensure you have a USB cable ready. Select one of the above options on the Select Your Connection screen. Then, continue with the rest of the instructions shown on your computer screen. The Epson XP-340 Install ink cartridge, driver software given above. For instant troubleshooting solution reach us.